Everyone knows that it is important to properly insure themselves against unforeseen circumstances, but what is not as widely recognized is how important it is to know and trust your insurance agent.

It is vital to your financial security that you keep certain policies in place that will protect you from harm when you’re struck with a bout of bad luck.  Though you may know that you have policies in place to protect yourself and your family at the most desperate times when terrible things have happened, what you may or may not have realized is how important insurance agents are in this entire process.

It’s very important that you know this individual, as he or she will be the person there for you when you need the expertise of someone who will help you to get the most out of your policy.  Whether you aren’t sure what your policy covers, you are reviewing your coverage to decide if it needs to be changed, or if you’ve actually experienced an incident where you need to make a claim, it will be your agent who will be the person who can quickly give you the information you require.

By knowing that you are more than a policy number to your agent, and by getting to know this individual, you’ll know that the help will be there for you when you need it, even when the unexpected happens.  This will also help you to know that your insurance agent is a professional and is someone you can trust and with whom you feel comfortable interacting even when you are shaken and not at your best, when you will be relying on this person for your financial future.

Here at Ellison Insurance Services we pride ourselves on getting to know our clients so we can better serve their individual needs. Honesty, quality and above all respect is given to each and everyone. Santa Clarita insurance services – Auto, Homeowners, Life, Health, Commercial and more!

Simply put, life insurance gives your loved ones financial security after you're gone. We can help.

If the unexpected happens, your loved ones get a death benefit they can use for things such as medical bills, funeral expenses, outstanding mortgage and even living expenses.
Other financial products to help cover your personal needs:
  • Term Life and Permanent
  • Annuities
  • Long Term Care
  • Health Insurance

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Ellison Insurance is a full service, local Santa Clarita insurance agency, looking to save you money while offering top notch service with a full array of insurance products. Allstate Insurance has been in business for over 75 years, helping clients return back to normal, while remaining highly competitive. Have you thought about life insurance but just don’t know how to approach it? Most people don't realize that Allstate also has supplemental health insurance plans that offer cancer and accident insurance for both individual and family. Are you renting? If so, you may be missing out on some great discounts by bundling your car and renters insurance together. Maybe you’re wondering if there’s a local agent to help you with your auto insurance in Santa Clarita – We can! With two offices covering the Santa Clarita valley, we are where you’re at!
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